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About Furiku:

Furiku are a three piece electropop studio band: singer/songwriter Aruan Duval and writers/producers Dom Agius & Mick Guihen.

Based in South London and formed in 2005, Furiku originally recorded under the guise of W. in the 1990s. Agius & Guihen have also released work as dance-duo SugarPussy.

In 2010 Furiku - freak in Japanese - released their one and only album Like A Freak; a gatefold CD of 13 tracks (also available on iTunes) ... described by Mark Moore of S-Express as "class dance music .. wonderfully joyous".

Go! Go!, Spring Is Coming, Freaks and W. reincarnation W. Me earned Furiku the tagline of "Tokyo pop-art kitsch" (GaydarRadio). The band's brand of pop-for-the-darker-soul was typified by Come Closer, a lullaby to Jody Dobrowski (murdered on Clapham Common) and Tokyo Hotel, about a boy's HIV diagnosis.

Knights Of The Opium Moon features legendary bass player Mick Karn, of seminal 1980s group Japan, and is the last released recording before Karn's untimely death, just seven months after the album's release. 

The remix singles released from Like A Freak are Leitmotif, Jamadelic and The Constant, by international artists including Midland, The Snoopy Lads, Tareq, M. E. Grant and Antoine909. 

Furiku's music also features in award-winning US documentary Transgender Tuesdays.